Alumni: New Haven High School Year Graduated: 1978 Profession: Owner, Preferred Automotive Group “The key to the success, really, is taking us back to New Haven High School, where I said that it was really important to surround yourself with family and friends.” -Jay Leonard   About Jay Leonard Jay Leonard, owner of Preferred Auto [...] Read more
Alumni: Paul Harding High School (East Allen University) Year Graduated: 1992 Profession: Owner, 2K Tight Barber Shop “High school was fun. It was very energetic.. very educational. [We] had a good principal, good staff, had good students, had good times.” - Trey Cato   About Trey Cato Trey Cato, owner of 2k Tight Barbershop, is a 1992 [...] Read more
Alumni: Heritage High School Year Graduated: 1978 Profession: Broadcaster, Indiana News Center   About Kent Hormann "Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Kent Hormann began his broadcasting career in 1978 with WFFT Channel 55. A graduate of Heritage High School and Ball State University, Kent joined WFFT as one of its original "Dirty Dozen", one of the [...] Read more